Welcome to the simplest way of tracking your period.


The best way to remember is not having to

Life is busy. It is hard to remember something that happens only once a month and often not with a regular cadence. Fortunately, with Bearhug you don't have to. Bearhug tracks your cycle for you, be it a regular one or not, and reminds you when your next period is about to come. No more manual counting and remembering, and no more unpleasant surprises.


Chatting is the new tapping, swiping, selecting, and navigating

Have you ever got confused about an unintuitive UI or had trouble finding that feature that you think should exist? Do you ever hate dealing with both your period pains and the pain of combating with a tracker app that forces you to do things in a certain way? With chatting, Bearhug gives the control back to you. Talk your way, and only your way. The bear is listening.


There only when you need it

Phones are not just something that can make calls. They carry memories - lots of them. Why let a period tracker, something you only use once a month, take up valuable space? Bearhug lives in Messenger and has no storage footprint. So you can have more photos, more songs, more memories with you, at all times.